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Snugpak "Expedition" sleeping bag........worth it? or get rid of it?

Discussion in 'Sleep Systems' started by John Friscia, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. John Friscia

    John Friscia Tinder Gatherer

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    Jan 6, 2017
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    Long story short.........I picked up a Snugpak "Expedition" sleeping bag for $40 brand new in the box ( green). The salesman said it was normal a $80 bag and that it was rated for 17-20 degrees F. So...........being a guy who couldn't resist a "sale" I picked it up and walked out with it. I'm wondering how does this bag compare to the Military MSS sleeping bag I picked up last year? Is it better than that bag? As good as the MSS? or not even a close second and I should dump it? Since its NIB I could give it away to one of my son's buddies or my daughters BF or whatever or put it up for sale and hope I don't lose too much on it? I just couldn't resist the hype of a good deal!!

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