Spanish M65 Field Jacket $15.

Discussion in 'Gear Deals' started by moab, Aug 6, 2018.

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    Comes with liner.

    This is my local surplus store. These jackets are a bit thinner and lighter weight than the traditional US version. According to one of the reviews. But that might be good for those in warmer climates or for summer/fall use. And it comes with the liner. Pretty good deal to me. They run one size small. And only come in 2xl and 3xl. So if your 1xl and 2xl your good to go. One size away from mine (3xl). So I had to pass. But I'm buying one for my friend that gave me his 2xl OD Green Boy Scout wool jac-shirt for free. Ya. This jacket won't make up for it. But it's a start.

    Shipping wasn't bad either. I don't think they gouge you at this place. I purchased alot of stuff from them over the years. It's actually in the same space as VooDoo Tactical's factory. I think they might be owned by the same people.

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