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    These are about $78 right now for the week, regular price is $130 they say.

    Description taken from the product page:

    These blankets were produced over 50 years ago by Swiss craftsmen and later stored in the Alps in military depot mountain cave systems. The result is the blankets when sold to us were in as good of a condition today as they were when they were finished by the original manufacturer.

    There was such pride taken in the construction of these Swiss wool blankets that the craftsman who made the blanket sews their initials and year and manufacturer into each blanket. Taking a look at how the Swiss Cross was added on top of each of the red bands, you will see the white cross was felted into the wool, a time consuming method that provides a superior look and feel. You will not find this level of skill or care in any other military wool blanket.

    • Authentic Swiss Army Blanket
    • All Original - Not a "Reproduction"
    • Made from 100% Wool
    • Two Red Bands with Swiss White Crosses
    • Makers Mark and Year of Production
    • Absolutely Beautiful - Heirloom Quality
    • Dimensions: 79" L x 55" W (approximate)
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    I got one of these in today. Couldn't be happier. Brand new blanket, I don't care how old it is.
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