The Hardwoodsman Challenges: A full guide

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    In the Autumn of 2011, longtime BCUSA member and custom knife maker/designer Iz Turley crated a series of challenges based upon some the things he did to test the limits of his knife designs, and also of himself as a woodsman. These were done mostly for fun and to see how far he could push things.

    These challenges ended up becoming the Hardwoodsman Challenges and eventually developed into the successive stages of challenges centering around fire craft, navigation, sheltercraft, and plant and tree identification with regards to their practical usefulness in the woods.

    These challenges were intended to educate and push the limits fo each individual undertaking them. Each Hardwoodsman would develop the particular skills but more importantly, the confidence to deal with a large variety of unknown situations that might arise while spending time in the woods. “Prepare and Persevere” is the motto of the Hardwoodsman and sums up the challenges well.

    These challenges are not to be done in back yards or “by the truck” but while spending time in the woods. All submissions are to be done by video, not by photos and narrative. They are judged harshly, with poor camera work being a valid reason for a “no-go” on a challenge submission. All of this is the help tune the skills and build the confidence and perseverance of those who would undertake the path. These challenges are a time to “embrace the suck” as has been said to many along their journey.

    Due to busyness in other aspects of life, Iz is much less active on the forum as of late, and has turned the judging of the Hardwoodsman Challenge submissions over to the "Council of Hardwoodsmen”, the Nine who have Prepared and Persevered and completed the challenges while being judged by Iz during his BCUSA active years.

    Hardwoodsman was crated solely by Iz Turley and is not associated with Bushclass. All questions regarding the Challenges should be directed to the Council and not to the BCUSA staff or Bushclass Instructors.

    Below is a list of the members who have Prepared, Persevered, and completed Stages 1 and 2 of Hardwoodsman:

    #01 Iz Turley

    #02 kcardwel

    #03 Sweenyguy

    #04 Luvhambo

    #05 Cockeyedhunter

    #06 Brainchild

    #07 Pastor Chris

    #08 Green Frog

    #09 WVTracker14

    #10 OMRebel

    If you made it this far, we invite and encourage you to practice and prove these skills. Remember, you are only challenging yourself here, so take your time and enjoy the journey.

    A couple of bits of advice from Iz, “This whole thing is arbitrary and at my discretion on what gets a go and what doesn't.

    If it chaps your rear that I might no-go a video you spent all day on, don't enter this course.

    Most of all, have fun, practice these skills as hardcore as you can and you'll get more than patch at the end.

    And remember, guys you know if you're half assing it (pardon my language). Like my old drills used to say, if you're half assing it you're only hurting yourself. This is about training that will keep you alive or keep you out of trouble.

    Just remember that if you do earn the patch then you won't have slouches in your ranks because of the strict requirements.

    So have fun and get it done!”

    The following links will take you to the list of requirements for the various stages as well as the threads where your video submissions should be posted. Those threads are monitored by the Council and questions can be posted there after you have read the challenge descriptions completely, thoroughly and multiple times. Reading and following the instructions properly is the first and ongoing step to the Challenges.

    General Instructions and Stage 1 Requirements:

    Stage 1 Skill Posts:

    Stage 2 Requirements:

    Stage 2 Skill Posts:
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