Vinida (China) 4.5” biofuel stove

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    2A3710D5-50E0-44FD-80E8-D43C52EB3837.jpeg D5CC2ABA-0C42-483F-8890-B647CD2009AD.jpeg CA5F407D-9665-4FB0-8C7D-5022C89FC595.jpeg B268075A-9DA5-4268-BCE3-E9A4C1E07506.jpeg Amazon special hobo/biofuel stove I used for 7 days.

    Out of the box it was a a bit rough with sharp edges and slightly flared edges on some openings. Fit together well and seemed fairly stable at home. In the field I often used stakes through the bottom vents to stabilize things.

    First use was a rainy day. I processed wood to dry and used chaffing fuel. Burned well, gave a bit more heat to the cooking surface. The next cooking session was wood fueled. Lightly filled the combustion chamber with twigs and tinder and lit it. Used it for probably an hour for coffee & oats. Great with my Stanley adventure 24 oz pot but a tiny bit tippy with my 6.5” stainless pot. Boiling was a snap but some simmering was very fussy. You had to feed wood at just the right intervals and size to keep the heat consistent and keep it burning.

    Due to using mostly hardwood and the damp weather (even with no rain things where constantly damp) I would get a pile of hot coals in the bottom and they would restrict air flow. In these cases I stirred the coals to break them up and reloaded with pencil sized twigs. The larges pieces that burned well where about thumb sized and slightly shorter than my palm.

    Due to rain & on some days constant use I did get some rust on the 304 stainless stove. Needs maybe a light bead blast or lots of scrubbing to remove and then I’ll hit it with bbq paint. Also the base did warp some. Ovaled our maybe an inch? Moderate pressure brought things right.

    I’m happy considering it was $20
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    That's what counts :dblthumb:
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