Want to learn how to make a friction fire? You might want to try a kit

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by Jacob Peterson, Jun 18, 2018.

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    Hey guys, so before I made my first few friction fires, I was pretty intimidated by it. My first few attempts means basically an entire day of sucking and hard labor, but eventually with practice of course, I became pretty good at the bow drill, and if I can find the materials for it (which is a challenge around here sometimes) a hand drill too.

    But as I was struggling, a friend said that I might consider trying a pre made kit. It was easier to get the first couple of coals, and I could learn a bit about how it all worked and the muscle memory behind it with a little less suckfest.

    I was too proud to take his advice.

    But honestly, if I were teaching my wife or children how to do a bow drill, I would do exactly that, then challenge them to build and replace the kit one component at a time.

    Anyways, for some reason this topic is hugely emotional for people. Like, buying a kit makes you bush scum, and if you want to learn you have to go out and starve for a week and find the materials in the jungle after evading a platoon of savages or else just don't waste your time. I don't get it.

    Anyways, I was offered one of these kits for review, and I think it is genuinely a good one. Ill be giving it away to one lucky random subscriber who comments why he or she wants it in the video. And don't worry, if your embarrassed, I wont tell the ultra hardcore Bushcraft judges that you got it. You can get your first coal relatively stress free, and maybe even have some fun doing it!


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