Wilderness and Remote First Aid class - June 14 - 15, 2018 - Honesdale, PA

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    I don't usually get the opportunity to offer seats to my summer courses. Here's a rare opportunity to jump in to a class that actually occurs when the weather is pleasant, rather than cold, rainy or snowy. But act soon. There's only 4 seats open!


    Sandcut Outdoors has 4 seats open to the public in a private Wilderness and Remote First Aid class on Thursday and Friday, June 14th and 15th, 2018 from 8 am to 6 pm each day.

    An Adult CPR/AED* class will be offered on Wednesday June 13th, 2018 from 12 pm to 4:30 pm for those requiring the certification as a prerequisite for the WRFA class. Both classes are for a 2 year American Red Cross certification

    The cost for the course is as follows:

    Wilderness and Remote First Aid only - $180 (for those already holding an Adult CPR/AED certification

    WRFA + Adult CPR/AED* - $225 (both courses bundled for a substantial cost savings)

    Class prerequisites:
    Must be at least 14 years old
    Must show proof of a current Adult CPR/AED certification or take the provided CPR/AED class

    This class will be held at a summer camp located approximately 15 miles north of Honesdale, PA. Directions will be provided to those who are interested.

    Continuing education credits are available for this class from the American Red Cross for an additional fee for those who require the credits to maintain work or industry certifications. WRFA – 1.6 credits (16 hours), Adult CPR/AED – 0.3 credits (2.5 hours)

    To register for the course send an email to


    For questions email or call Mike at 570)955-8391
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