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    Seriously? If I was alone in the woods and a young woman like that wandered into my camp... I would gladly share the warmth of my fire with her. :cool:
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    One of the most useful things I've learned is how to say no, and turn off stuff that is ate up with the stupid.

    don'g do fake book or twity or what ever they call it.

    I sift through youtubes and skip the junk and gain waht I can from the useful. Trust but verify everything I hear or read.

    i ran up a a new bunch of new tubes looking at rigging a cane pole (already knew it, but clicked on the link just on account.)

    the boy calls his "channel"

    Doing it cheap or some such. I'll see if I can find one and put it here and then ya can see if that offers anything of worth to ya on his stuff.

    If ya don't speak southron, ya may need a translator, but I understand him and have known his kind all my life. People who grew up poor, but also have a lot of book and life learning, but still talk like they never set foot in a school until you actually listen to them and look at the life they built for themselves.

    This boy can be a bit blunt and uses some "colorful' language so if your ears can't handle it please don't blame me.

    He shows country tricks to make money repairing things or get things and fix em up, making wine etc cooking, and other ways to make things ya just can't stand paying store bought price for.

    I'd like to go spend a day or two fishing with him.

    He is an aged Tom Sawyer getting a friend to help him dig his sun chokes. then he made one that showed him cooking and eating em and gives his opinions on that.

    Just a good ol' boy; imho.


    OP, I do agree that social media and the silly stuff some folk get up to on it pretty much means I come here more than I go to youtube. Youtube is for evening when my eyes are getting so tired I can't read without a head ache but need something that I enjoy to relax, and choosing wisely it beats the heack out of the garbage on the boob tube these days, and radio around here doesn't play anything much worth it except If I want to dig out the short wave and work at sifting through things.

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